按拍摄时间/Sort by shooting time




The photos here and the things in the photos form part of my life. They were all encountered and subconsciously shot and intercepted in my life path without a prior shooting plan.

What is interesting is that these things and these moments can drive me to press the shutter subconsciously. What is the reason and logic behind it? This is also a question I often ask myself when I look back these photos.

For me, making images is just as interesting as reading images, and more important than shooting is to get to know myself by watching. In other words, shooting is also a way of watching. Watch the picture I took through the lens, and after pressing the shutter, do a little analysis. Trying to find some of the logic behind it, discovering the themes and natural sensitive things that I am interested in, and then feeding these “discoveries” back to my creations in other media.