16:9, HD Video for Installation, 11’10”

SOME QUESTIONS, Produced by 吴超Chao Wu, Reference: Historical Archives and Documentaries from China and Russia, Bob Dylan- Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, played by 吴超Chao Wu, Special Thanks: Ina Bierstedt, Jens Brand, Nina Jansen.


语言、种族、战争、国家、科技、社会、教育、法律、生活方式、宗教、哲学、政治、艺术… 都是历史的选择吗?




The history we know, is real? After a while, is there still a truth? Does history have its own choice? Is today the choice of history?

Language, Race, War, Country, Technology, Society, Education, Law, Lifestyle, Religion, Philosophy, Politics, Art… Are these all historical choices?

Then people? Where is the limit of individual power? Know history, is it to let us know that individual is small?

Who will explain the truth? Who decides true or false? Who will judge right and wrong? Who has this qualification? Can be convinced? Can make everyone convinced? Who gives power to whom? Who can enjoy this power?

Can you believe things without seen or experienced?

Installation View: